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A blockchain based workshop introducing Libra and the Calibra project(

WWCODE CONNECT ASIA, Singapore, August 2019

Co-chaired the AI & Big Data track at Grace Hoppers Celebration India 2019.

Worked with a committee of 30+ members to review over 200 innovative proposals in the field of AI & Big Data.

Gave a technical talk on Introduction to Blockchain and different types of Blockchain at VMware vThrive.

vThrive, July 2019

Keynote speaker at the Atlanta Blockchain Week's event for Women in Blockchain, discussed the trends in Blockchain, growth strategy and diversity aspects in this industry.

Georgia, September 2019

Delivered a hands-on workshop on building your own game on an Ethereum Blockchain using Smart Contracts.


A 2-hour workshop on Introduction to Machine Learning and Logistic Regression for Byte Academy.

Meetup Link:

Online, April 2019

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