Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric
Introduction to Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric

In this webinar, I introduce the concept of Blockchain and also talk about Hyperledger Fabric basics.

Tech Under 1 Minute
Tech Under 1 Minute​

In my youtube channel titled "Tech Under 1 Minute", I will try and explain various technical terminologies within 1 minute. The terminologies will revolve around technologies like Blockchain, AI, Quantum Computing, Natural Language Processing etc. Here is the playlist link:

Introduction to Corda
Introduction to Corda​

In this talk, I introduce an awesome blockchain technology known as Corda backed by R3.

Blockchain Technical Primer
Blockchain Technical Primer​

In this talk, I talk about the various technical elements that support the Blockchain technology as a whole.

Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric
Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric​

In this talk, I introduce the concept of Hyperledger Fabric and walkthrough the v1.0 architecture of Fabric.

Introduction to IPFS
Introduction to IPFS​

In this video, I talk about Interplanetary File System which is an emerging decentralized storage technology. 

SheInvest Chatbot
SheInvest Chatbot - Equalithon​

Through our own experiences and through research we have established facts of unfavourable bias in the venture capital investment ecosystem, and we designed data driven decision making using AI for

investing especially in women-led companies. Built using Dialogflow.

Energy tracking using Python + IOTA​
Energy tracking using Python + IOTA​

Blockchain has been a revolutionary technology in many ways and when used with powerful concepts like IoT, it can be used to solve several real-time problems existing in the ecosystem. Our proposed solution is aimed to bring electricity to remote villages that do not have grid connectivity, using Solar Panels and an IoT device like Raspberry Pi. 

Links to demo videos:

Github link to the project: